For Sale

A pair of Camel Trophy water skis £20.00


A Pair of Obrien water skis £15
  A pair of Cascade KSG100 water skis £15.00  
  A pair of Vapor water skis £15.00  
   A Viper kneeboard £25.00  
   An all-over cover for a 7.8m Ballistic rib (or similar) 3 small rips, but easily repaired. SOLD  

Full Stop Security "Nemesis" wheel clamp. Suitable for wheels 10" - 20"  £50.00



A Mojo Surf "soul creature" Roger Cooper vintage surfboard £30.00


  Cobra 6.5m rear bench seat base cusion £10.00  

Heavy duty boat cover by Helly Hanson. Measures approximately 445cm x 825cm £30.00