Shrinkwrap Service

 For ultimate protection from the elements when your boat is not in use, why not try our in-house shrinkwrapping service (exclusively available to KB Dry Stack clients). Suitable for RIBs, Sports Boats, Fishing Boats, etc and available now.

 Your boat is detergent-washed & dried, covers removed and stowed and any sharp edges (ie windscreens, radio antennas, etc) padded or removed ready for the shrinkwrap process. Once the plastic has been secured, it is heat treated to weld the edges and "shrink" the plastic to form a protective semi-rigid casing.The wrap normally covers the topsides, tubes, "A" frame and engine cowl - leaving just the hull and engine leg exposed. The process also includes the fitting of strategically placed air vents to help control moisture retention during the storage period. We can even install zipped access panels to allow entry into the wrapped boat if necessary. Once completed, the wrap provides a durable physical barrier from rain, wind, dirt, UV rays and other airborne pollutants. At the end of the storage period, the wrap is removed and the boat is rinsed ready for use..

Prices for this service are from £48 per metre (inc VAT) This includes the wash/dry/wrap/vents/unwrap/rinse.

For further infomation or to book your shrinkwrap call Sarah on 023 9283 3166 or email