Other Dry Stack Services & Prices (for non-drystack clients)

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Lift-out, pressure wash & relaunch 15-minutes £ 180.00
Additional charge for heavy fouling 30-minutes £ 50.00
Lift out & set on dolly (up to 24hrs)   £150.00
Relaunch   £80.00
Pressure wash if required 15-minutes £50.00
Additional pressure washing 30-minutes £50.00
Service dolly in crane bay  Daily £30.00
Transfer to yard   £35.00
Dolly in main yard  Daily £35.00
Transfer to yard & back   £45.00
Lift off transport & launch   £220.00
Lift out & onto transport   £220.00
 Additional pressure wash for above 2 services   £ 45.00
Heavy fouling (additional)  30-minutes £50.00
 Large boat handling forklift with driver  Hourly £175.00
Small forklift (2.5T) with driver Hourly £ 125.00

Please Note: - All prices include VAT at the standard rate & all services are subject to availability

*Berthing on the pontoons is only permitted with prior agreement with KB head office. Unasuthorised vessels will be moved ashore and charges applied.